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A seasonal journey by Fattima Loreen & Emilie Helmstedt

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In "A SEASONAL JOURNEY", Fattima Loreen unfolds the five seasons, which according to ancient Chinese philosophy constitute each year: winter, spring, summer, late summer and autumn.

All the seasons are characterized by a unique composition of energies, feelings and impressions that together make up a journey we all have to embark on.

With illustartions inspired by the five seasons Emilie Helmstedt challenges the ordinary book format with her very intuitive practise that has a strong connection to the art scene. Hand painted carefully with aquarelle side by side complementing the words sourrounding them.

The journey offers both challenges and blessings that can take endless forms. Therefore, this journal gives you simple tools for dealing with the change of seasons and the changes it brings within yourself; draw your dream, talk lovingly to yourself, and be open.

The book is in English.

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