About Poplar

Poppel shop is a small webshop with the ambition to offer only the best, well-thought-out products to our customers. No product is a coincidence, everything is carefully curated.

We're located in Aarhus, Denmark, and sending out all orders from our home office. We try our best to provide a personal service and are always ready to guide and inspire through e-mail, phone or Instagram.

I hope you'll find our shop inspiring. Thank you for stopping by, it means more than you know.

All the best,

Nanna & the little Poppel family


We are very much aware of how much the clothing industry are harming our environment. Therefore we do our best to pick and choose what we present very carefully. However, it's a learning process that is still ongoing.

We believe that less is more, choose quality over quantity and timelessness over trends. We believe in care and repair and that passing on or reselling items of high quality is contributing to a more circular clothing economy. The design and quality of our products will definitely stand the test of time.

We hope to sell products that your child can grow in and always recommend our customers to go up a size so that the child can fit the clothes for a longer time. You can go a long way with a turn-up here and there.

Nevertheless, the most sustainable choice is always not to consume and we therefore hope that our customers will ask themselves the question "Do we really need this?". We only want to sell products that are worn, appreciated and hopefully also given or sold when it no longer fits.

We hope that our contribution (despite our less sustainable business) can be to encourage consumers to consume less and consume more consciously. Less but better.