Visiting Freja Bak Josias

"It hasn't been easy for me to reflect on our everyday life. Probably mostly because I don't give it much thought. Both Magnus and I, much like Jørgen Leth, hold everyday life dear. With all the routines and repeatability we enjoy it for what it is"

"We both work full time. It's definitely a challenge because we want to prioritize picking Ruth up early and spend time with her before she goes to bed. Fortunately we both work flexibilble hours. Whoever picks up Ruth will often go to work earlier and sometimes we work in the evening and a little bit in the weekends. And that's ok. We both love our jobs and find them interesting and exciting"

"Ruth has definitely changes our everyday life. There's much more planning and coordinating than before. I find it difficult to feel flexible and spontaneous and come along when my friends are going out, but we have tried to give each other time to do things on our own. But also bring Ruth along"

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