Visiting Cecilie Stougaard

“It has been incredibly important to us to consider how we structure our everyday life and most of all, asking ourselves what we want rather than what we don't want"

"Before kids we both spent a lot of time with our friends, which gives us both so much energy. Therefore it’s also a priority for us to continue with our social life. We’re in the incredibly fortunate situation that many of our friends also have small children, which means that our everyday routines are very similar. We often meet for a chaotic dinner after work and are home by 7pm"

"In many ways, our everyday life is structured very traditionally. We are two parents who both go to work and our son goes to daycare. Work is a big priority to us both and therefore we found it extremely important that we found the right daycare for Cornelius, and fortunately we did. A warm and loving place where he’s safe and sound"

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