Visiting Thea Sofie Munch

“My son is three months old. The other day, someone asked me if I felt back to normal yet. My answer was no. Motherhood has changed me on a cellular level, and I don’t expect to feel like my old self, my previous normal, ever. I expect to grow into a new normal, ever evolving, as I tackle the different stages of mothering my son and myself. I too was born when giving birth"

"Life is cyclic, just like the seasons that surrounds us, ebb and flow, the shift from day to night to day again — light simply doesn’t excist without dark and vice versa. I think of motherhood the same way: ever changing, ever cyclic, filled with highs because of lows, filled with laughter after tears and filled with worry as a consequence of the deep, deep love that you carry for your baby"

"Motherhood has been the most natural transition I have ever experienced. I feel like I have done this in all of my previous lives and I feel the strongest connection to other mothers, dead & alive, because we have collectively given life to every single human being who inhibits this planet. Without us — no them"

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