Rebecca's Favorite Things

With honesty and humor Rebecca is generously sharing parts of her life as a mother of Ellen, wife of Frederik and an ambassador of Mødrehjælpen's "En god start"-initiative. Her positive and easy-going approach to life is a pleasure to follow and her way of mothering is inspiring.

We asked her about her Favorite Things.


What’s your favorite…

Time of the year?

December is my favorite time a year, I love everything about the holiday. But if I should pick a season it will always be spring.

Day of the week?

Sunday. Before having a kid, I hated it, it was always a day where I would do laundry or have a hangover. But now, it’s the best. We go to the bakery, visit parks or playgrounds, take a nap all together, eat lunch somewhere in the city, clean the apartment and prepare for a new week. I really love Sundays.


Item in your closet?

Anything from Skall Studio.


Object in your home?

My Hästens bed - the best investment I ever made.


Skincare product?

Woods Copenhagen - either their daily foaming cleanser or energizing scrub.


Thing to eat?

I love smørrebrød - but French food is my absolute favorite.



Sushi Anaba - the best in Copenhagen.



It’s always changing. But I really love strawberry tarts in the summer.



Hot or cold chocolate milk - at night an espresso martini.


Vacation spot?

I would always pick New York, but I also love Mallorca in the summer and anywhere I can ski in the winter.

Thing to do when feeling a little blue?

Visit my parents summerhouse where I can sit outside in the garden, listen to the ocean, drink a coffee and breath.


The Little prince. I can’t wait to read it for my daughter when she's a little older.

Movie or TV series?

Home alone 2 - The one where Kevin is in New York.

Fictional character?

Chandler Bing from Friends.


Instagram account?

So many to pick! At the moment I love @heleneblanche for interior inspiration. @atablestory when I dream about my next party. @tosultnepiger for anonymous food advice. And @engodstart when it comes to anything about being a mother and having small children.

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