In the home of Pernille

The home of Pernille (29) and Thomas (30) is best described as curious. It’s minimalistic but quirky. Pernille is a graphic designer and it shows throughout the interior.

The apartment on Aarhus Ø that in its self is kind of generic has got so much personality with little details here and there. The best example are those beautiful glass handles on the cabinets of the kitchen and wardrobe. Just like that those white surfaces got a little more interesting.

We asked Pernille our usual four questions.

What’s the best way for you to start the day?
“It definitely starts with snoozing. It’s probably weekend and I’m looking forward to my first cup of coffee. I like those slow mornings where you have no plans and are able to do everything in your own pace. Maybe we’ll go to Jumbo for breakfast or maybe we’ll just stay home. It really doesn’t matter as long as I don’t have to stress and keep track of time”

What is your favorite object in your home?
“I have a lot of favorites, but what means the most to me are the ceramics my father has made and a painting made by my grandfather.

What brings me the most joy to look at must be all of my plants.

Generally I’m fond of things and it brings me lots of joy to surround myself with beautiful things”
What’s your most sustainable shopping tip?
“I like to go treasure hunting on DBA, both because those treasures are unique, but also because the “one's trash another's treasure” resonates so well with me. It’s the same when I sell my own stuff, it feels good to give it another life.

Also it’s a good idea to look for certifications that are actually hard to obtain and therefore more credible, fx. Fairtrade and GOTS

What’s your best advise for decorating a home?
“Be true to yourself and not let yourself get carried away with a style that you can’t fulfill and doesn’t fit your home. It won’t work in the long haul and it will definitely not spark joy in your everyday life”

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