In the home of Mathilde

In a big house that is being renovated bit by bit, Mathilde (26), Matias (29) and their dog Arthur is living in harmony with the chaos that a renovation comes with. Fortunately they have come a long way and are only missing a couple of rooms before they are done.

The aesthetics are calm and minimalistic and the color scheme is completely neutral. It’s the materials that dominates the interior; solid wood and stone is present throughout the home.

It’s stylish with a sure touch and definitely consistent. We had a talk with Mathilde and asked her our usual four questions.

What’s the best way for you to start the day?
“Monday to Friday I need peace and quite, I’m probably not a morning person. In the weekends I’m a bit more alive. I like to start the day with a cup of coffee in bed and then a long walk with Arthur”

What is your favorite object in your home?
“I know it’s not an object, but I love our kitchen. I love cooking and I think it’s such a nice hang out spot when having friends over. Everything else is changing and is replaceable, but the kitchen is such an integrated part of the house and therefore super important to be happy about”
What’s your most sustainable shopping tip?
“I’m a thrifter and I love to both sell out and buy preloved items. I love hunt when I’m searching for something specific and the thrill when finally getting it. I will always see if it’s available preloved when there’s something I would like

What’s your best advise for decorating a home?
“I’m not fond of rules in general, so do whatever you want and what suits your everyday life. We’ve chosen to decorate light and minimalistic because it gives us the calm and energy we need in our lives”

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