In the home of Fie

Surrounded by light, vintage finds and calm nuances Fie (35), Claus (33) and Otto of just 7 months lives in Aarhus in a 1940’s villa that they renovated themselves with respect for the house details.
Fie works in the IT industry but has a passion for old design classics, pastels and lamps. We asked her about routines, home decor and her best sustainable shopping tip.

What’s the best way for you to start the day?
“I wake up next to the smile of Otto and I really couldn’t ask for more. To continue the good vibes I put on a facemask and while it does its magic I start with drinking a glass of cold water with lemon and then a cup of tea. I’m rarely hungry when I wake up so I start the day with lots of hydration instead.”

What is your favorite object in your home?
“My Henning Kjærnulf table. I was looking for the exactly right, round wood table for our kitchen for 6 months and finally found it two hours from our home. I picked it up my self on a trailer and had my mother-in-law help me shine it up.”
What’s your most sustainable shopping tip?
“Buying items of long-lasting materials such as wool, cashmere, silk and solid wood and buying pre-loved items, especially for kids.

When buying something new I have one rule; I’ll only buy it if it’s someting I feel like wearing right away. If I don’t have that feeling I’ll almost always regret buying it in the first place.”

What’s your best advise for decorating a home?
“Decorating with natural materials such as wood and stone, calm nuances and then add a splash of color, e.g. a yellow tabletop, colorful plates, pillows and rugs.”

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