Anna's Favorite Things

Introducing our new journal format "Favorite Things", a little glimpse into the mind of some of the people who inspire us. We're starting with Anna.



Anna Engstrøm is a mother of two sons, wife to Allan and founder of Vieille, a social ethical brand selling curated vintage treasures and clothing handmade by refugee women. Vieille has a truly inspiring business model where the vision of Anna is never compromised.

We asked her about her Favorite Things.

What’s your favorite…

Time of the year?

Spring! Days are getting lighter and longer. Trees gets green and you can finally wear lighter clothes.

Day of the week?

Monday. My kids get up super early everyday, so there’s no sleeping in in the weekends. We always take a slow morning on Mondays and I drop off my kids just before 9. Before work I go for a weekly morning Pilates session, and finally Monday is always the day where I has most things to get done so the day goes by super fast.

Item in your closet?

My brown cashmere sweater. 

Object in your home?

My teapot designed by Erik Magnussen in 1960. 

Skincare product?

Cleansing balm “lait U”.

Thing to eat?



I love izakaya restaurants. Jah at vesterbro is definitely a place I will eat over and over again. 


I hate sweets after finishing a meal, I will most likely always choose cheese over desert.


Anything non alcoholic! I’ve been drinking elderflower juice with sparkling water my entire life.

Vacation spot?

South of France.

Thing to do when feeling a little blue?

Drink Black tea with milk and honey and take a nap.


Nothing holds back the night by Delphine de Vigan.

Movie or TV series?

“Normal people” or “Scenes from a marriage”. “The devil wears Prada” must be the movie that I’ve watched most times during my life.

Fictional character?

Jonathan from Scenes from a marriage.

Instagram account?

Right now I’m very obsessed with Japanese minimalistic architecture, so @neie_architects is one of my favourites at the moment.

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